Sometimes Diving Into Things Head First is Dumb.

So here it is…  MY MASTER BATH.  Sounds big right.  Well, it’s not.  It’s small.  Our house was built in 1941, in 1959 the original homeowners added a large living room, a tiny bedroom and a tiny bathroom.  The glorious addition.  The bathroom had aluminum tiles which they painted over, even in the shower!!!  It was crazy.  We hadn’t even planned on redoing the bathroom, well eventually, but I had bought a new toilet, which opened up a whole can of worms.  All I wanted was a new $100 toilet installed!  Although Tim thinks this was all an evil plan of mine to redo the entire bathroom, it wasn’t.  I wish I could actually make up plans like this because I would probably do it all the time… hmm…

Although our redo took months, mostly because we worked one day a week because it was all we had and ran into a TON of problems, I totally still believe in DIY.  We only spent around $2500, which includes redoing all the plumbing, new sheetrock and texture, new lighting (have you seen that backlit mirror?!?), travertine floors, marble vanity with a vessel sink, all tile shower and marble baseboards!  Oh and a new toilet… duh!

Here’s how it went down or should I say, here was my evil plan.  When we took out the old dirty toilet that I’m pretty sure was made for toddlers, the concrete underneath the toilet wasn’t right.  It has broken and crumbled and wouldn’t withstand new bolts.  Plus there was rust in the aluminum tiles behind the toilet.  Not only that, unless we removed the tiles behind the toilet, our new toilet wouldn’t fit, because it was an inch deeper than the previous “mini” model.  So the tiles behind the toilet had to go.  But to remove the tiles behind the toilet, we were going to have to remove all the tiles on that entire wall, because they were a tile sheet!  I mean, I guess we could have literally cut a hole right behind the toilet, but my Interior Designer instincts just wouldn’t let it happen.  So instead of being normal tiles it was actually just a large sheet of aluminum that had been stamped to look like tile.  It must have been a 50s thing? That one piece went into the shower and behind the vanity.  Thus the can of worms…  So to get rid of the rusty tile sheet and make our new toilet work, we had to remove the vanity and the tiles in the shower.   But to remove the vanity, we practically destroyed it.  So now we have no toilet, no vanity and one wall in the shower has no tile.  That’s how it all began.  By the time we had that much removed, Tim was taking a sledge hammer to the walls.  Plus the floor underneath the toilet needed to be repaired.  The funny thing is, we choose to do the master bath first because it was the newer bathroom from 1959, instead of the older one from 1941!

The problems weren’t a huge deal, but the ones mentioned above were just the tip of the iceberg.  They just kept coming. To make things more complicated, our best friends were getting married and Tim and I were the maid of honor and best man.  So, we had weekends full of wedding things.  Plus, it was my last semester of my senior year.  We didn’t even have time to do a bathroom!  So each weekend, we would have a day, but we didn’t know what we were doing!  We would spend the first four hours figuring it out, the next doing it and the next four going to Home Depot to buy new stuff because we did it “slightly” wrong.  One day we went to the Home Depot four times and saw the same guy in the plumbing department as we bought the same things over and over! We had NEVER done plumbing…

We asked family and friends A LOT of questions.  Especially my dad and uncle who seem to know everything.  Plus they did make a few cameo appearances when we really had no idea.  My uncle is an excellent teacher, so he showed us the basics of  plumbing and got us on our way.  My dad would help us trouble shoot stuff and would eventually rig it.  Needless to say, Tim and I have learned SO MUCH.   Ignorance is bliss.  True statement.