It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Month: September 2011

Jewelry Hanger Tutorial

Trying to organize the mess we call accessories… So much like my other crafty stuff, I had this window lying around as well.  There is a curse to being crafty.  You buy stuff with “plans” of using it somehow, but sometimes it takes YEARS to figure out what the heck your gonna do with it. […]

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Homemade Butterfingers! WHAT?

Candy Corn into Homemade Candy Bars! Here is a SUPER EASY recipe for making Homemade Butterfingers! Anything that only requires three ingredients and a microwave is right up my alley. Ingredients: 16 oz. candy corn 2 c. natural peanut butter, creamy.  The less oily the peanut butter, the better. Chocolate Bark or Chocolate Coating You […]

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Fall Wreath Tutorial

Welcome Fall to come on in! In celebration of the first days of Fall, I wanted to make a fall wreath that would go with my teal door. I’ve never had a fall wreath before so I wanted to make my own, but not spend an arm and a leg.  I fell in love with […]

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