Since I didn’t know I was an HGTV reject yet, Tim and I stayed around Austin for a little anniversary trip.  On the 20th is our 3 year anniversary. I still can’t believe we have been married at all, much less for three years.  From what everyone told me about marriage, we’re obviously having too much fun.  Since we were totally done with the actual Design Star Casting tryouts after a total of 15 minutes (I had been there way longer then that!), we were ready to hit the town. We had already gotten some grease to calm my nerves at Whataburger at 6:30ish, so at 9:30, we went ahead and had a second breakfast.  I’ve never done this before, but I really like the idea of it.  Which totally reminds me of my grandma Mamaw. Here’s why:

I had moved back home to my parent’s house before I got married and I would get up at about 8:30 and my grandma, who lived with us, would always eat breakfast with me.  After months of this occuring, I was telling my parents how I really enjoyed me and Mamaw’s breakfast time.  Ended up she was eating breakfast with my parents every morning too.  Man, she had it going on!  Two breakfast everyday.  She was crazy. But what made this awesome was at dinner time she would always brag about how she had eaten nothing since breakfast.  Come to find out she had eaten two. Man, love her, she was a crazy lady. Always made me feel guilty about eating lunch, but I loved her.
Therefore, I will pick up the torch and carry on eating two breakfast in her memory.  But I will consider my second breakfast “lunch.”

Now back to your regular programming:

For our second breakfast we went to Magnolia Cafe.  It was WAY better then our first.  I got a gingerbread pancake with pecans.  I’m pretty sure it had about a cup of pecans in it, it was outrageously delicious!  Since it was 10:30am and we had time to burn before we went to check into our hotel, we went to Neimans so I could get my “fix”.  The shopping in Fort Worth is horrendous and people from Fort Worth don’t realize that.  But I used to live really close to Northpark Mall in Dallas, which I’m pretty sure is the best mall ever.  It’s not like I buy something every time I shop, but I want to walk around somewhere nice and pretend I am being picky, not poor.  This is Tim pretending to be happy in Neimans:

After that, we were going to be adventurous and find somewhere new for lunch.  We went to Whole Foods.  Not adventurous, but again, when we lived in Dallas, we lived down the street from Whole Foods and were there all the time.  Fort Worth doesn’t have Whole Foods, so I needed my fix there too.  Plus, the Austin Whole Foods is the best!  They have a sandwich bar, pizza, bbq, sushi, coffee bar, wine bar, seafood and a whole lot of other things!  I made Tim look at each option about three times until he said he was having a sandwich.  I was disappointed but felt pressured to go ahead with that decision.  Dang husbands.


It turned out to be the best sandwich ever.  It had fresh mozzarella and pesto on it.  GLORIOUS!

I was going to take a picture before I started to eat it, but I got too excited and before I knew it, I had almost ate half of it.

After that we headed to our hotel.

This is me in the middle of an Elvis leg jerk.  Sorry you missed it. Actually, I requested a shot from the waist up and this is what I got… Last time I use that photographer.


Then we hit the town that evening and went to Azul Tequila.  Austin has some amazing food and some amazing places.  Some places look so cool that it really doesn’t matter to me what the food taste like.  So I was pretty disappointed when my brother pulled up to a strip center to take us out to eat.  WHAT?  A strip center with all the choices in Austin!?!  Turned out it was fabulous and once you forget you were next to a dollar store of some kind, it had great atmosphere. I got a chile relleno with almonds and raisins with a cream sauce on top. Afterward we went around downtown and now that I think about it, we had a small snack at Korean bar-b-que food truck.  I think that means I ate 5 times, but not that “six small meals”  diet thing.  Five serious meals.

So the next day, we had a small (read large) lunch at Cuatros. I had the brisket tacos (they were amazing) and Tim had the french dip (I think), also amazing.  We were happy.


So that is what we ate in Austin.  Pretty much all I care about anyway.