So, most of you know that I went to a casting for Design Star Season 7 on Friday morning… Well, here is the low-down on how that went. We had a great time. Which I was VERY surprised. Since the minute I made the decision to go, my heart was in my throat. Which, thankfully wasn’t long, because I decided to go only two days before. I was so nervous, I mean how do you prepare to try out for reality tv? There isn’t many people you can ask advice from. In fact, I don’t know anyone personally that has tried out for reality tv. Okay, there are probably some, but no one I can think of immediately, or at least call.

I kept thinking of worst case scenarios, like they were going to challenge us to a dance off in front of the entire room. Maybe require some stand up. Things like that.

Thankfully, once I decided to go, Tim called his boss and got off on Friday. On the 20th is Tim and I’s 3 year anniversary, so we decided to make a weekend of it and stayed at the Hilton on Friday night. More on the Austin trip later.

When Tim got off work on Thursday we hopped in the car, thank God we had the A/C fixed on Tuesday, and headed South to Austin. It’s one of our favorite cities in the entire world. We didn’t get to my brother’s place until 9pm and I still had to rewrite the 20+ page application, so I stayed up until 2am answering deep questions about my life. Surprisingly I feel asleep fast, instead of laying awake choreographing my dance routine. Thank you Jesus.

But, my brother has a small pony, aka dog, that lives with him. At about 5, he was waltzing around making as much noise as bull in a china cabinet, so I went ahead and got up and started getting my glam on.

I finished getting ready about six and woke Tim up. By 6:20 we were out the door to the Hyatt Regency, where I was just sure that droves of people have camped out all night.  We got to the hotel at about 6:35 and I made Tim do a drive by to make sure the crowds weren’t getting frantic.  Since I saw NO ONE but business men, Tim and I stopped by the Whataburger across the street to pick up greasy food to calm my stomach.  We got back to the hotel to push through the crowds at about 6:50 and two guys were there.  I considered punching both of them in their throats so I could be first.  But since third is not that bad, I refrained for fear of being eliminated for being aggressive.  So I was third in line.  Plus, those guys were a real joy to talk to and it ended up being a really nice morning.  Especially for a grump like me.  I need my sleep.

So all the worrying about not getting there early enough had ceased.  It was still nice to be there that early because I was able to calm DOWN.

At 8:30ish, this is what the crowd looked like:

I was thinking it was going to be slim pickins….  By 8:45, this is what it looked like: Notice the weirdo in the front with a dog…

About that time, a friend that I used to live in the same building showed up.  And she brought her new puppy.


If you know Tim at all, I thought he was going to cry.  He loves dog, but he is obsessed with puppies. Plus, it looked like our dog probably looked like as a puppy, but we didn’t know her then.  That’s when she was working the streets.


I told you he loved puppies. Now for a picture of our puppy, Cricket.


Okay, here she really is.  But isn’t that picture just so cute.  Here’s a montage, because we’re a little obsessed.


Thank you for enduring the commercial break.  Back to the news:  

I was called in at about 8:55am and was out of there by 9:05.  I left feeling and knowing I did my best.  I told Tim that I thought putting myself out there and starting this website was a “big deal”, but this really was.  It ended up being a great experience for me and I will probably do it again next year since I probably didn’t make the show.  They said they would contact us in 24-48 hours.  Well, since it’s almost been 48 hours, let’s just say my hopes of being famous have been smashed.

Not that being famous has EVER been on my radar, it’s not.  I just want to do what I love.  Design.  So, since I’m officially an “HGTV Reject”, you should hire me.  Like for real money and stuff.  Just kidding, but no really.  Help me find some business, because I can do this.  I’m really good at it.  Just ask my mom and she will tell you.  And if you hire me this year, when I try out again next year and make the show, it will be because of you and your project is in my portfolio.  And don’t you dare say, you can do it for free and put it in your portfolio.  Have you ever said that to a hair dresser?  No.  Will you cut and color my hair for free and put it in your portfolio?  Okay, enough of me complaining.

Official “HGTV Reject”