Welcome Fall to come on in!

In celebration of the first days of Fall, I wanted to make a fall wreath that would go with my teal door. I’ve never had a fall wreath before so I wanted to make my own, but not spend an arm and a leg.  I fell in love with a felt ball one, but you would have to make hundreds of felt balls or buy them and they were way too expensive for me.  I knew I wanted a “S” incorporated too.  Plus, I really wanted burlap flowers, so I combined all these different aspects of wreaths I had seen to create my very own.

I bought most of my supplies at Hobby Lobby, but bought my wooden initial at Joann’s.  It was only $4 and they had TONS of choices!  I will definitely be back to buy letters.  In total I spent less than $25.  I used a straw wreath since I was going to cover it in yarn.  A styrofoam one was $12 and this was $5, but half off at Hobby Lobby. Yea, so I had to use it.  The 5 different yarns were about $12 total. Burlap was $3.99 a yard, but I had a 40% off coupon.  I probably only needed a 1/2 a yard at most.




wooden initial

straw wreath

one piece of scrapbook paper of your choice

yarn for wrapping wreath

yarn for making balls

different sizes of styrofoam balls

double stick tape or scrapbook dots

glue gun and glue sticks

paint & paint brush


Modge Podge

I started with wrapping the straw wreath in alternating yarn, khaki and black.  You start by putting double stick tape down and start your yarn wrapping.  Don’t be tempted to remove the plastic wrap from around the straw wreath.  I tried.  Don’t worry. Than I had to rewrap it.  It made for a mess and a really bumpy surface that I was trying to cover.  Yuck.

Next, after about two hours of wrapping, I started the yarn balls.  Well worth it, plus I was enjoying me some Nate Berkus.  Started the yarn balls by trying to cover the styrofoam ball sporadically with glue dots but transitioned to hot glue.  You have to be careful with the hot glue, but it is so much easier for the yarn to stick.


Next, I painted the wood letter with “Modge Podge” and smoothed the scrapbook paper on it.  To remove the extra paper around it, I used a rough nail file. Then I painted the edge of the wood.


To create the burlap flowers, I cut some messy leaf shapes with a consistent size but no shape. I pinched one end and glued it.  Then I glued 5 -8 together to create a fan shape.


Next I started to build and hot glue all my pieces.


Voila!  Wreath!