I needed a little umph for my fall decor and I really liked the way the burlap wreath turned out.  I had bought an entire yard of the burlap for the wreath, so I still had about 3/4 of a yard left. To not waste a whole three dollars, I spent the greater part of an hour and cut a small army of messy leaf shapes out of the burlap. At first I thought I really couldn’t even make enough to get a real garland going, but it turned out I made two 2′ garlands and three 8″ garlands.  So, I actually liked how I have a few to throw around the house and make it more “falley” instead of one long garland that I was just going to put on the table.




Glue gun and glue sticks

Black ribbon or something


Like I said, cut all your burlap into messy leaf shapes.

Next, I pinched the ends and glued every single leaf so it makes a concave shape (or convex, depending on which side your looking at.) Once pinched and glued at one end, I started to glue them together, always inching down so it builds on each other and makes a garland.


From there it was just gluing and adding this random sheer ribbon stuff I got at that hoarder’s estate sale for two bucks.  I think it turned out really cute and by making a variety of lengths, I threw them all over the house.