Yea, so I didn’t want to build something special to make a chalkboard and I had this window lying around, pretty much like the last window.  Literally.  It was driving me insane.  So…. I have been wanting a chalkboard for the kitchen and I wanted to get this window off the floor, so light bulb, I painted the window.

Really, you would think that you wouldn’t need a tutorial for painting a chalkboard, but please learn from my mistakes…



Window or surface to paint

Painters tape


Chalkboard Paint

Small Foam Roller (for smooth surface)


I purchased my window from Canton, years ago.  But you can find one easily there or at an antique or salvage store.  The chalkboard paint is from Home Depot. It was around ten bucks.


I started out by not reading the instructions and using a brush, don’t do it.  Go and buy the flipping foam roller for smooth surfaces and viola you will have a smooth surface!  It took me about three layers before I couldn’t see through the glass to the wall.  I really started to regret using the brush when I tried to actually draw on it.  It was so bumpy.  LESSON LEARNED, don’t use a brush, it is NOT smooth enough.

Okay, yea.  Not super awesome.  It’s my first try.  Next time I’ll plan it out more for space reasons.  The top is going to be more permanent and the bottom is going to change with the seasons.  As you can see. Plus, with the bump surface, detail was next to impossible.  Yuck.  I’ll probably redo it soon.