I love a good table top and I love Christmas, so what better way to celebrate the season then by jazzing up your dining room table?

The majority of my Christmas decoration purchases I make are after Christmas or Hobby Lobby 50% off before Christmas.  I usually NEVER pay for anything full price or my mom buys it for me (also on sale.)  It’s what we do.  My table top is layers of things I have collected over the years.  I prefer to buy over time, that way I am buying what I want instead of having to find things that match and settling.  If you saw my tree, then you saw that I already was going with the pink and lime-green color scheme.  My first purchase was this Christmas china at Target a few years back.  Find something you love first.  I try to stay away from thick, cheap ceramic plates.  They chip easily and you’ll find yourself having to find something that matches the other items you’ve already purchased.  Plus, by going with a white china with decorations, I know I can supplement other simple white china and it looks good.


My mom found these puppy dog salt and pepper shakers for me at an antique show.  Aren’t they cute?  My parents went to Round Top earlier this year and all the did was find stuff for me!  Yay me!