It’s time!  Time to dump that crappy bow you’ve been using as a tree topper and show people the real spirit of Christmas and make em jealous of your awesome tree topper.

For a couple of years, I’ve been doing tree toppers all over town.  People always ask me how I do it, so I thought I would share.  First you have to pick you up a really hot guy to assist you.  Check. I bought this tree from Walmart for $100.  It is prelit.  My last tree was from Walmart and it cost $20 and lasted five years, so I think they are decent trees, especially for the price.


First of all to start, get a bunch of stuff like this…  You don’t have to have a funky colored tree topper like mine, but buy a bunch of floral sticks at Hobby Lobby or Garden Ridge in your color scheme.  I think you want around 3 at least and up to 7 of each floral stick.  At Hobby Lobby, these aren’t even in the Christmas section, they are in the floral section, but their definitely for Christmas.  Unless your running a gambling casino in your home, your floral arrangements never need any of these things unless it’s Christmas.  So I’m not sure why they don’t put them in the Christmas section.


Starting out, it’s going to look silly and wonky.  I start with my items that are a little fuller, or the biggest.  I use all the sticks that I have in the one color and look and strategically place them all over, that way they are spread out evenly.

See, it doesn’t even look cute right now.  I always have a cascade going down one side so it’s more assymetrical and gives it more interest.  I have added a bow on the lower right to make that affect even better.  Stick the floral sticks quite firmly into the tree.  If you don’t, they set too high and don’t look right.


You just keep adding your floral sticks and keep building it around and around.  Don’t worry about the back being perfect (unless your tree is being seen from 360), but don’t ignore it.  In the end, use your smallest floral sticks to fill in any holes you might have.


I think it’s best to not decorate your tree until you have finished your tree topper. Because they are usually long floral sticks, they seem to push out ornaments if your decorate first.  I also don’t add a ton of ribbon into my tree because I find that my tree topper is my focal point.  You have to choose what you want your focal point to be.  If you want your tree stuffed with floral sticks and ribbon, do a more simple tree topper and vice versa.