Here’s another look at a tree topper in earth tones of golds, green and coppers. I do realize not everyone is using hot pink and lime green on their family tree.



Just like the first tree topper, I use the same methods as the first one. If you missed that post, here it is.   But just to remind you, as you build this, it’s going to look wonky.  But keep building, it will look great in the end.  Don’t worry too much about being perfect, the more you add, the better.  Plus, you want it to be full and fabulous.



In this tree topper, I had a few clipped items that were huge flowers which work great.  Plus, I used their old star and stuck it in there.  That way, you have a connection with a classic tree topper.  So if you have an old tree topper such as a star or angel, still use it.  Stick it in there and put items and floral sticks around it to hold it in place.