Ginger cookies are one of me and Tim’s Fall things, we do it every fall and I really don’t make them any other time of the year.  This is just a regular ol’ recipe from my Betty Crocker Cook Book.  But it’s one of the things I have to do for the Fall.

Usually, a cookie like this really wouldn’t get me excited.  It’s nothing special, I thought.  But it’s funny how drastically some of the small things (which are big to me) change in your life when you get married.  Like my family is a chocolate chip cookie type family and Tim’s is not.  It’s weird that on the small things you can be different, really different. When Tim first told me that his favorite cookies were ginger, I thought, what a dork.   But since Tim’s mom makes them for him, I thought I would give them a try.  They are delicious and I actually find them more satisfying then chocolate chip.  But what is weird is that I think it’s the only cookie batter that is less delicious than its baked version.  Which for me is good, because I usually eat so much cookie batter that by the time I actually bake the cookies, I have already eaten too much.  So, the fact that oddly the batter isn’t that good, is perfect.  I think it’s because the combo of shortening and molasses.  Before heat, that is a narsty combo, but once melted and gooed together, you can’t get enough.


Tim really loves the cookies rolled in a lot of sugar…  Every once in a while, he makes me proud.


I was so excited that every single batch came out perfect.  I LOVE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS!  Usually my first is undercooked, my second batch perfect and my third, overdone.  But not this time.