And I’m Pretty Sure Home Ownership Doesn’t Live Up to the Hype.

I know my real estate agent won’t want to hear this, but seriously, as an Interior Designer owning a home is hard.  Before, when I lived in apartments I could totally blame all lack of creativity and design on the fact that it was a rental.  Sorry this couch is so ugly, it’s because I rent this apartment.  Yea, it made sense to me and it made me feel better when I was renting.   I felt like so much was out of my control, that the things that were in my control I still blamed on “renting.”  Now I feel like every single aspects of my home reflects my ability and talent as an Interior Designer.   I love my home, don’t get me wrong, but it’s just so hard to not look around and realize that I can change what it looks like.  The real problem is money.  I find that I don’t buy furniture at all because I don’t want to settle.  The couch I want is $6000, so for now I’ll just keep the retro hand me down.

So I decided to share my home thus far.  Gotten a lot done, mostly because Tim is an awesome husband. I can’t believe we have lived in Fort Worth for a year on Halloween.  Side note: I was so excited about having Trick or Treaters because last year we were painting our old place in Dallas on Halloween.  Well, my trick or treaters were all pretty old, so that was disappointing and none of the children spoke English, so hardly any of them actually said Trick or Treat.  So I was kind of bummed.

So here are some pics of my home thus far….

Okay, so the exterior hasn’t changed a whole bunch, except the grass died.  But it’s Texas, everyone’s grass dies. So this is the original picture because the after hasn’t changed.  Don’t worry, bought paint a year ago for the exterior.  Still sitting in the garage.


One of the main reasons we bought the house was the front door, it was so cute, but needed some TLC.   The door had real potential, but the horrendous mail slot really broke up repetitive squares with circles, so it had to go.  More on that in another post on how we fixed that problem.


This is the view of the front living room.  The floor had just been redone when we bought the home and it was the biggest reason we bought the home, it was gorgeous!


This is the front hallway, which has two bedrooms and one bath off of.  I painted the ceiling teal.  This is pretty much the only light fixture we’ve kept in the entire home.  It is small, but cute and old.


The second bedroom, our guest bedroom is my girly room. The fabric on the wall will someday be an upholstered head board.


This is the guest bathroom. I haven’t done much to it since I took this original picture, I will someday.  I just want a new toilet. But Tim doesn’t trust me after he had to do the master bathroom redo and all I wanted was a new toilet in there too.


This is Tim’s room.


The kitchen… so much to say, too little time.  I HATE having my washer and dryer in the kitchen, but you can multi task really well while cooking.  Plus, the kitchen has a fab tile countertop.  Not really, the grout lines are disgusting.  Whoever thought 4″ tile countertops were a great idea, I would like to punch them in the throat.  Laminate is a better option then a billion grout lines.


Another awesome feature of the home was the huge living room that they added on in 1959.  Plus, who doesn’t want wood paneling?  I do!


This is the view from the fireplace to the Master Bedroom hallway.  This is currently a work in progress, we are building a wall to close it in and make it a master suite.  Where that tile ends, we are building walls and making that hallway part of our bedroom to create a master suite.


My master bath.  It was super lame, but that’s okay, it’s been redone!

   The Finished Result

 Last and tiny least, our master bedroom. Oh yea, I love green.


Well, now that you’ve creeped around my house, it’s time to return to work and quit stalking me.  Geez.

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