First off, there isn’t any real “tea” in this.  But this concoction is the best, most delicious festive drink ever.  My mom has been making this for years and she received it from a great friend of hers’, Charlotte.

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[typography font=”Lobster” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Ingredients:[/typography]

32 oz. Cran-Apple

32 oz. Apple Cider

Small Can Frozen Condensed Orange Juice

Small Can Frozen Condensed Pink Lemonade

Large Can Pineapple Juice

Box of Red Hots, melt in 4-6 cups of HOT water


Start all your liquids in a large pots and start to simmer them.


While simmering all of your liquids, start to melt you box of Red Hots in 4-6 cups of hot water.  You don’t want to put the red hots directly in the pot, they will stick to the bottom.


Once the red hots are melted, take your red hot water and add to the juice mixture on the stove.  Simmer. Serve hot and delicious!