If you don’t have enough to do over the holidays, then you should make these adorable lamp shade flowers.   It’s a small floral arrangement that you hang on your lamp shades.  With a few floral pieces, about an hour, you can make these adorable small floral arrangements for the Holidays or everyday!


These are what you will need to make the lamp shade floral.



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Large flower, this will be the main attraction, at least 4″ across

Decorative Floral Pick, like the peppermints in the picture above

Floral Wire

Wire Cutters

2-3 different ribbons, varying widths, at least 1/2″ but no bigger than 2-1/2″


You start out by cutting the stem on the large flower.  I left about four inches of stem attached to the flower, and I unwrapped most of the paper on what is left of the flower’s shorter stem.  You want to remove the center metal, without letting the flower completely fall apart.  The reason for this is to be able to bend the flower so the stem isn’t sticking out, you are wanting your flower to lay down as flat as possible on the lamp shade.


Take the stem you cut off and bend it like the picture above.   You are now going to wire them together, like the picture below.  You are creating a hook that will hold the floral on the lamp shade.  I wired the flower on the longer side of the hook.

Next, I took a few leaves that were on my large flower stem that I clipped off and the floral pick that I purchased separately and I wired those two together.


Next, I made a large bow to be the background of all this.   I layered two different ribbons, with the smaller one layered on top.   You start by making a loop.


Before you make your next loop,  you twist the ribbon upside down.  You hold the twist with your thumb. Then you make the next loop, the same size as your first loop.


After each loop, you twist the ribbon over.  You are twisting both ribbons, if you are using two ribbons.   I usually do about 3-4 loops on each side.  Always holding the twist in the middle, you take your floral wire and wire it in the middle where you are holding the twist, leaving some tails of wire to tie the bow to everything else.


I wired the floral pick  with the leaves behind the large flower that we cut down first and then I wired the bow I just made. Like the picture below:

Next, I took my third ribbon.  Made a bow like I did with other two ribbons.   I made this one a little larger since it would be in the very back.  After I wired it, I cut the loops so it sprayed out from the back.  Finally, I wired this onto everything else.

Next, hook it onto a lamp shade or anywhere you want to!