It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Month: February 2012

Bacon Infused Waffles

So I have a slight obsession with bacon and breakfast for dinner.  However, I have a husband who does not share an interest in breakfast for dinner.  BUT, we had a date night and went and saw the movie ‘The Vow.’  It must have made him feel romantic, because when we got home from the […]

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Tim’s Submarine Tattoo

So I totally forgot that I didn’t post when Tim got his Cricket in a submarine tattoo finished.  So finally, here it is!  Lots has happen since then.  Some of you might know that Tim was attacked by a dog in December, the week before Christmas.  So, since then, things have been pretty cray, cray. […]

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One Year Ago.

I was reading over my prayer journal earlier this week and one year ago was so different then today.  I mean, obviously. I’ve had two damaged disc since I was 17, probably from my years of drill team and being rear ended in a car accident.  My L4 and L5 disc are bulging. They offered […]

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