It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Month: June 2012

Barn Door Roller

So for about a year now I’ve been apologizing about my house and all it’s unfinished projects.  If you hadn’t read one of the last post, you should, because it kind of explains where the heck I’ve been.  Obviously not blogging.  But I’m gonna go through each room of the house that we’ve redone. We […]

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You’ve Been Asking… Okay maybe not.

Tim and I are on a plane to San Diego and we just spent half the flight looking over the past four years of our lives in photos.  We have lived an amazing and blessed life.  Tonight, we are so worn out.  We boarded the plane and walked away from our home, finally finished, after […]

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Dead? no. Busy? yes.

I’m sure you are probably thinking that I started this whole 60 Day Challenge and died in pursuit of it.  Well, I am sorry for two things, that I bored you to death with it and that I didn’t finish it.  I tried and tried to commit myself to it, because if I had accomplished […]

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