So for about a year now I’ve been apologizing about my house and all it’s unfinished projects.  If you hadn’t read one of the last post, you should, because it kind of explains where the heck I’ve been.  Obviously not blogging.  But I’m gonna go through each room of the house that we’ve redone. We just came back from California for eleven days and I was like, DANG, this house is cute. I literally ran out the door to the airport, I had barely finished things here to get it on the market before we left.  So I wanted to show you what the hallway transformation looks like.  We had already brought the tile somewhat down the hallway when we redid the bathroom last summer.  So for a year, I’ve had unfinished tile waiting for wall to be built.  I wasn’t exactly sure where that wall would go, so I was sure where to stop the tile.

To create the hallway, we had to first close off a walkway to the kitchen, then build a wall in the living room to create a Master Suite.

The house before we bought it:


After the bathroom remodel:


The pictures above are how we lived with the house for about a year.  It was about to make me crazy.  I hate half finished stuff.  What’s funny is that even though I’m an Interior Designer, even my house went through an ugly stage!  That is terrible! When we decided to sell the house, we knew we had to finish the projects.  So up went the wall.



The last view is from the kitchen, where we closed the doorway.  It was hard getting used to that.  We now had to go the “long” way to the kitchen. I was really thinking we made a mistake closing it up, but I love the end result of creating a master suite.  The process was very long and daunting to create this hallway, I had done some tape and bedding, but now I had a full wall to do, inside and out.  Yikes.  We also had to add two can lights.  The hallway was already dark, but now it was a cave.


 The last project was getting our barn door installed.  My dad came over and hung it for us.  Him and I have an Etsy store and we sell our barn door rollers that he makes, if you are interested!

So now for the final pictures…..