Tim and I are on a plane to San Diego and we just spent half the flight looking over the past four years of our lives in photos.  We have lived an amazing and blessed life.  Tonight, we are so worn out.  We boarded the plane and walked away from our home, finally finished, after two years of working on it on and off, we’re done.  Well almost.  But  for the first time I have ever looked at my house or the place that I live and I am so proud.  I look at it and I know, we did this, we built this, these were my ideas, this was our hands doing the work and more importantly for CHEAP! I remember feeling this proud about the church when it was finished, but this is bittersweet since I’m selling this project.  I don’t necessarily want to sell it, but I know I have to make the sacrafice now to get this business started.  I wanted to answer some questions, because lots of people have been asking me the deets on all of this and to be honest, I don’t really know, it’s happen rather quickly.  I mean, I would love to say I have this amazing plan and that I totally know what my next step is, but I don’t.  I mean, we got on a plane to San Diego and the second half of our trip, we don’t even have a hotel.  We do have a rent car, so that may be where we are sleeping….  who knows.

So here it goes, the question/answer series.

Are you guys going to buy another house?  Not sure, I just hope we sell this one.  But, I don’t know why not.  I guess it all depends on if there is anything out there that we want to buy.  It’s not like before where we were going to buy something regardless.  We are okay with renting again.  Plus, I really want window units.  Love those things. 

Where are you going to move or live?  We are staying in Fort Worth.  I know most people know, I LOVE DALLAS.  But I’m so over it.  I love the close knit community here in Fort Worth and I have some really rad friends here now.  Plus, I love my lululemon girls and everyone I met through all the gyms in the area.  Someday, I’ll get to start working out again!  Like the minute I get back!

When did you quit working at lululemon, I didn’t even know? It all happened rather quickly.  Like I came home Friday, had a poo poo day and was putting my two weeks notice in the next Friday.  My last day there was May the 19th.  We had already started working on the house and after my last day, we really started tearing into it.  My job became working on the house.  Which is ALL I DID.  Seriously, I didn’t go to stuff because I was working on my dang house.  Which a lot people don’t see how a girl can do so much, but my dad made me learn a whole lot of stuff when I was his Interior Designer for his church.  I laid wood floor, tile, tape and bedded, painted, acid stain concrete, the list goes on….

What are your plans? Hmmm…. Well, let’s see. I don’t really know what will happen, but I know what I want to happen.  Magically, my house will sell.  Next we will magically find a place to live, because I’m not gonna start looking until we are under contract.  You can stress yourself out looking too soon.  The things you like sell before yours does.  I’d rather not even know.  

After that, I will be looking for retail space to have my store/design studio.  But like everything else, I’m just waiting for God’s direction. 

Why don’t you just get a loan and not sell your house? Well, I’d rather not owe a bank a whole lot of money.  But I would love to not have to sell my house.  I mean, I look at it and I am in LOVE, in LOVE and I don’t care who knows it!  But seriously, I am having a huge internal struggle.  I want my own business and my house.  But I don’t want to be greedy.  I know I have to make sacrifices for our greater good.  Plus, I keep saying, my next house will be even better.  So I think about the things that my next house might have.  Oooh, I would love a pool and a walk in closet.  Obviously together, a pool with a walk in closet. Duh.

Where will the business be? Fort Worth.  But I will hope to have an online store.  I currently have a VERY TINY ETSY store, that I totally need to work on. My hopes are am to have an industrial furniture line, so that would be online and available WORLD WIDE!  

Coming soon!  Pics of the house! Stay tuned people!