I’ve always been the type, probably because of my fabulous mother, that loves a good sleep over.  Well, not a sleepover, but guest.  Sadly, most of my guest of recent are boys (Tim’s friends) who don’t or can’t even appreciate my guest bedroom, but I still want it to look nice.

So from the very beginning, I knew I wanted it to be super girly and all the things that my room could no longer be since I was now married and permanently rooming with a boy. My uncle calls my aunt his room mate and I find that hilarious every. single. time. Sometimes I use his line and people give me a double take. Anywho, back to my guest bedroom.

These are so before shots, like before we owned the home.

I loved that the room had wood floor and these awesome doors with mirrors. Initially, it was the master when the house was built in 1941.

Then my room went through an ugly stage because it had no furniture, only a blow up mattress.  Absolutely pathetic.

So slowly, but surely, because this isn’t a magic show and we don’t make the big bucks, we started to collect a few things in there. It took me months to find that fabric that is pinned up there, but I found it and pinned it up there like it was an awesome headboard. Which it wasn’t. (BTW, the reason it took months is because I had an image in mind of what I wanted, but I also want it for a deal, so it takes a while before those two meet eye to eye.)

The second purchase that I had been desiring was the Ikea flower pendant.  It is huge, but I love it and was super happy when I finally got it.

So after a LONG time of ugly, Tim, my bud Shaina and I finally tackled the headboard.  I would show you the step by step pictures that Shaina took, but I can’t say that I would do it like that, or actually ever do it again.  I always have these grand schemes and I usually over complicate them, so just hire someone to do it.  Or if you’re like me and too cheap to do that, then just make it as you go along.

So, drum roll, here is the finished product….