Our biggest undertaking was the kitchen.  I thought our master bathroom was, but that was a total joke and was an 1/8 the size of the kitchen. Plus, we were without a kitchen and laundry for a while, which was terrible.  We at least had two bathrooms, only one kitchen.

Here are some before shots, from before we bought the house.  I HATED THAT PANELING!


It did have cute touches on the cabinetry that I liked.  It was doable.  The picture below is what we lived with for a year and a half.  Added the chandelier, that was pretty much it….

First, we closed up the doorway between the kitchen and now master hallway.

Next, we ripped up the flooring.   It had peel and stick tiles on it, that were fugly.

We had to redo the plumbing behind the washer, add an electrical outlet, and remove the cabinetry above so that our stacking washer and dryer would work.  It was not ideal, but the kitchen was the ONLY place the washer and dryer would work, without spending thousands.  It isn’t beautiful, but dang it is convenient.  

Tim and my Dad removed a portion of the floor to work out the plumbing.  It’s fun to have your kitchen a total mess and have an open hole in the floor.  Not.

My dad came a lot and helped us out tremendously.  I’m so blessed to have parents that were willing to take up their evenings and weekends to just help us achieve our dream.  Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they are amazing leaders both in their marriage and spiritually. Gee thanks mom and dad, your real swell. But really you are.

While I was waiting on TIm and my dad to finish all that jazz, I removed the paneling, patched up where it damaged the wall and painted it all white.

You can barely tell in the photo above, but because the paneling had been there for so long, the top of the wall had been painted quite a few times and the bottom had never been painted.  That changes the look of the texture.  My solution, horizontal stripes.   It worked perfectly.  You cannot tell that the top texture looks completely different from the bottom texture.

My mom helped me line out the stripes.  We painted it all by hand, didn’t use painters tape, just cut everything in.  It surprisingly didn’t take that long and I think it turned it great.

Next up, we laid the slate.  I love slate.  The colors can be so amazing.  As I laid it, I would be so mesmerized by the colors in some tiles.

 Some views of the finished kitchen with the washer and dryer.


By stacking the washer and dryer, we had room for an eat in kitchen.  I love it!  Before the dryer sat below the fork and knife photo is.  Having the separated took up the entire kitchen.


This last photo is the kitchen without the washer and dryer.  We borrowed the adorable teal cart from our best friends. That’s what is so great about best friends, they’re the best.