Tim was so great and surprised me on Tuesday with a trip to Austin on Wednesday for Valentine’s Day. I love a short notice… It was the next day! I was so excited, no waiting for weeks! So we packed up on Wednesday and headed South for a love bird weekend. We stayed at the Omni and got to take Cricket who decided she was born for this…



It was so much fun to have Cricket with us.  At first, I thought, what are we doing bringing Cricket to a hotel?  But it was a blast!   We started out on V-Day morning at Whole Foods, got a green smoothie and we headed to Nordtrom Rack.


So after breakfast and some shopping, we had the perfect Valentine’s Day lunch with my brother!


After lunch, we walked five miles at LadyBird lake. That totally pooped Cricket OUT.


My favorite thing about Austin is all the small business and opportunity there.  Here is a sweet lil art gallery.


That night we found a place that we hadn’t been to, Hopdoddy. It was decent.  My black bean burger was DISGUSTING.  Like terrible.  The fries WERE AMAZING!  And Tim loved his burger.   So… I don’t know if I would go back….


The line was OUT THE DOOR.  But it moved quickly.


Since it was Valentine’s Day, I wore my red corduroy pants. How cute was I?

IMG_3499 IMG_3502











Friday was such a gorgeous day, so we decided on Saturday we would Stand Up Paddle, but it turned out to be cloudy and cold, and the chances of falling in are big while standing on a surf board, so we decided to kayak.  Problem was, three years ago on our first anniversary, we kayaked together, in one kayak and had one of the worst fights of our marriage, excepts for once over hashbrowns… So I was nervous to kayak again.  But since then, Tim and I have matured so we decided to give kayaking a go… but in different kayaks this time.  Worked like a charm.





IMG_3523 IMG_3524 Tim’s kayak got him soaking wet… mine did not.  Loved it.  🙂


That night we went to my brother’s house to cook out.
IMG_3531 IMG_3534 IMG_3536











Our last morning in Austin we had an amazing breakfast together….