You may have noticed that Tim and I threw a bunch of our crap in a truck and drove half way across the country.  Most of you don’t know why or what the heck just happened, but Tim and I moved to California.  Yup.  California.

Well the story starts about a year ago.  About a year ago this time, Tim and I decided to sell our home in Fort Worth.  We had bought the home about a year and half before, but decided that it was worth letting go and starting a design business in Fort Worth.  We had lots to do on the house, so the next two months were spent finishing our home.  Here are some post about it:



Guest Bedroom



Viola, I had the perfect home that I was now selling…..  It was definitely bittersweet.

So, we have finished the home and off on the MUCH NEEDED vacation we went. Ian, Tim’s little brother was graduating from the Marine’s in June, so we had a trip planned to see the graduation.  It was going to be five days in San Diego, five days in LA.  I did have a little sneaky plan up my sleeeve, since the day Tim and I married, I have said, I want to live in California or Austin, California or Austin…  It was an idea I was always tossing around…  Tim was not too keen on California ever.  He would always mention his band, or our family, blah, blah, blah.  But I secretly hoped he would fall madly in love with the idea as soon as we landed…

So, we landed in Sunny Southern California and it was gloomy and cold.  Tim was not impressed.  He immediately let me know: he. would. never. live. here. PERIOD.  Dang it, my little bubble burst.  I knew that I was starting a business back in Fort Worth which was going to be an exciting adventure, but part of me hoped that trip would seal the California dream!  But it was a no go.  So we enjoyed the five days in San Diego, but mostly because it was family time, because it was unfortunately June Gloom.  It’s the time of the year in Southern California where it is cloudy every single day. I even began to doubt my own liking of California.  So after five days in San Diego, we got our rent car, hopped on the Pacific Coast Highway (the PCH) and headed North to LA.

The drive from San Diego to LA is SLOW on the PCH, so after almost two hours we were cruising through Orange County and it happen.  The sun was shining and we saw it.  The ocean.  At that very same moment, I’m pretty sure Jesus peaked out from behind a cloud and said “Bam, move to California.”  So there you have it folks, that’s why we are here.

Well the last part isn’t true, but as we drove through San Clemente, Dana Point and Laguna Beach, there is a point on the PCH where you’re on top of this hill and you see the ocean and it really is mesmerizing.  Tim looked at me and said, now I could live here…. and I was so in love in with the area too.  So we drove on past our future home not knowing that it would really happen.  A few days in LA passed and Tim’s cousin Zach wanted to visit some friends in Orange County to hang out and wanted us to tag along.  We agreed and drove to a Starbucks, not knowing that they were planting a church in the EXACT SPOT Tim and I had just said we wanted to live.  As we got out of the car to meet his friends, I was looking around going, this is it, this is the place, this is the exact spot that Tim said he could live.

We met Zach’s friends, had lunch, went to Dana Point harbor and looked over the ocean and they all individually asked us what we were doing with our lives.  We told them we had just put our home on the market back in Fort Worth and we going to start a business, but weren’t exactly sure of the direction just yet.  Each and every one of the guys that day were like, you guys should move here.  To them, it might have been an off the cuff statement, but I knew deep down, that the Lord was calling us to Southern California.

Bubbling with excitement, overwhelmed with what was going on in my head, we walked back to our car to return to LA and I was almost in tears.  I was going to live here someday.  I didn’t know how, or when or what the heck we were going to do without my parents, but we were moving to CALIFORNIA.

The last two days of the trip were spent returning to Orange County to get a better look around and see where we wanted to live.

We returned home, super pumped about what just happen and scared to death to tell my parents.  Mostly, because my parents mean the world to me/us and this would mean leaving them for the wild, wild west.

When I told my mom, she didn’t say much.  The next day though, when she had time to think about it, she said she knew it was the right thing and she totally supported us.  I however did not want to tell my dad.  I had gotten so excited about starting a business in Fort Worth and I knew it meant my dad’s help.  Some of the best time of my life was building my dad’s church and I knew building a business would bring some of that back.  Us getting to build together, dream up ideas, be crafty and just be together.

So with a dream in out heart and NO IDEA OF HOW WE WERE GOING TO DO IT….the next nine months were tough.  I didn’t want to tell anyone about us moving to California.  For good reason to.  I was right. 99.9% of people shot it down.  99.9% of people had a terrible response.  99.9% only had bad things to say.  It was discouraging, it was annoying.  Tim and I had this huge dream, but only my parent didn’t have anything bad to say.  But EVERYONE assumed my parents didn’t want us to go.  Thankfully they supported us.  Most people’s first response was, ‘Do you know how expensive it is there?’  We did beforehand and we sure as hell know now.

But deep down we knew God called us to California and regardless of what people had to say, ‘Can’t you do that in Texas.’ ‘What about your parents?’ ‘Do you know how hard it is to raise children without family around.’ ‘But what about Tim’s job?’  and the list goes on…..

Yea it was scary.  It still is.  Watching the savings account dwindle is frightening.  Spending a BOAT LOAD on a one bedroom is really frustrating.  But I love it here. If my parents were here, it would be too perfect.

So that is why we are here.  The Lord called us here.  Did you know only 10% of Orange County is churched?  10.  You don’t even understand that if you’re from Texas.  Seriously.  I met someone who knows nothing about Jesus.  Like for real nothing. What?!?

I do know Jesus and he changed my life.