So I’m sure all of you have been chomping at the bit for my newest ‘What We Eat Wednesdays.’  But I continue to get questions about how I’m losing weight (13 plus pounds in 5 weeks) and numerous Facebook messages.  So I will probably continue this series until I run out of things to share!  So if you have a specific, question, message me, email me, text me.  Let me know what you are wondering!

So, one of the first things I cut from our diet was that we stopped purchasing snacks and packaged foods. Did you know the majority of processed foods have both soy and corn. Do you know they biggest problem with corn and soy?

They are both GMO or Genetically Modified Organism!  That is a phrase that has gained a lot of popularity lately.  Mostly because GMO are banned in other countries, but not HERE!!!!

90% of all soy is GMO
85% of all corn is GMO
100% of non-organic corn and soy is GMO. So if you aren’t buying organic in either of these products, you are definitely getting GMO!
80% of all processed food has GM products in it
75% of all grocery store food is GMO-that is staggering.

So what is GMO?
It means Genetically Modified Organism. In a nutshell, they were created to withstand herbicides and pretty much ever dying. Sprayed and coated in tons of chemicals so that they are guaranteed a consistent crop. Money makers.

This can be discouraging, because your thinking, what do I eat now? I feel the same way. But I am in the process of trying to buy more organic products. So plant based might not be for you, try to get more USDA certified organic products and switch to whole food snacks.

Good to know, all SILK products are non-GMO! What a great company to buy from and support.  Not even the healthiest of stores and restaurants are non GMO.

In just July, Chipotle became the first restaurant chain to try and rid GMO foods off their menu.

Here are some interesting articles about this:

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