“I’ll try….”

Have you heard that before?  It’s the ultimate excuse… it makes us all feel better.  Do you want to workout today?  ‘I’ll try.’  ‘I’ll try to make it tonight…..’ But we all know what that means, I’m giving myself an out.  I probably have no intentions of doing that.  I really don’t want to tell you no, so instead I’ll tell you I will try.  It makes us feel better, it tricks us into thinking we have great intentions and hey, it’s the thought that counts right?!?!  Wrong.

I know this phrase is in my daily behavior.  And it’s something I run into a lot with people that come to me and ask me how to lose weight like I have.  I tell them exactly what to do and their response, ‘I’ll try.’

I started losing weight when I STOPPED TRYING and STARTED DOING.  Because like thousands others I HAD ‘TRIED’ EVERY DIET. And like I said, I’m guilty of this.  Can you imagine if you said ‘I’ll try’ with everything in your life.

Will you take this this man or woman to be your spouse…… ‘I’ll try.’ NOPE!  Marriages fail without saying, I”ll try.  YOU HAVE TO SAY I DO!

What about your job…. can you imagine telling your boss you would TRY to do your job?

What about friendship?!?!  Can you imagine if a person told you they would try to be your friend?  Heck no.  You wouldn’t have it.  There are far too many people out there to have a bunch of fake friends trying to be there for you.  You need someone who is there for you, through thick or thin.

But yet, we let people in our lives that are just trying….  That’s because the excuses we use on others are usually the EXACT excuse others use on us.  If you want to change your life, you’re gonna have to stop trying everything and start committing to things you really want.  You want to start a business, don’t give it a try, DO IT.  You want to lose weight, don’t give it a try, DO IT. Nobody wants someone in their life who is just trying their hand at being a friend, a wife, a mother, we want people in our lives who are committed to being those things, committed to what they do.  Committed to being better.

I’m going to stop trying.  Because “I’ll try….” is keeping me a mediocre person who has no real commitments.  It’s easier that way, yes.  But I don't want easy, I want greatness.