I literally can’t say enough about Chalene Johnson…… for real. Years ago, I was introduced to her through her best selling at home fitness DVDs Turbo Jam.  A couple of years later, I started attending PiYo classes at my local 24 Hour Fitness in Fort Worth. Little did I know, Chalene Johnson was the creator of that format. It was what sparked my love for Pilates and I went on to get certified in Pilates equipment & mat. So I started following Mindy, my PiYo instructor, on social media and loved what she was about…. her passion, her faith, her life.  Once I moved to Southern California, I reached out,  because I was desperate to lose weight and I wanted to be a part of whatever she was a part of. Within days of reaching out, I had joined Beachbody as a coach and my life was forever changed.
Mindy placed me in a group where we all went through the book PUSH by Chalene Johnson. So, in addition to daily reading the book, I was working out to T25.  As much as working out changed my life, it was the personal development in the book PUSH that really changed it all for me. I had always heard a lot about personal development and being a Christian, I read my Bible in the mornings and have a quiet time of praying, so I assumed that was enough personal development for me.  But Mindy encouraged me to do more, so I did.
It was in those moments that some HUGE dreams were born, HUGE. Reading that book sparked some big things for me.  Not only in my own diet, helping me with weight loss, but I started believing in myself like NEVER before.
So when the chance came up to join her online academy called Smart Success, I literally JUMPED at it.  Chalene was already the catalyst for some huge life changing things in my life, why wouldn’t I get on board to get more from her?  So I did….. I joined her online academy for personal and business development.  It was an online 8 week course with a 3 day in person conference.
The neat thing was that I got to attend the conference with Tim.  It was so fun to see his wheels start turning and start believing more for his own life.  He had let some dreams die in his own life and wasn’t sure how to pursue them again. To see them come back alive was so exciting for me.  It was such a special weekend that truly changed our lives.  It was during that weekend that we learned some things that helped us make the decision to leave Southern California.
It’s one thing to be a dreamer, it’s another thing to actually pursue them.  If you are an entrepreneur, want to be an entrepreneur, own your own business,  or have a small business, Smart Succes is for you.  If you have dreams, goals, things that you really want to do, but can’t get it done, don’t have the time, and don’t know where to start, Smart Success is for you.
Enrollment is now open and if this interests you at all, I have a HUGE bonus for anyone that signs up using my affiliate link.  Please message me or contact me at lauren@saltandsequins.com.

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