Rae Dunn… So maybe you’ve seen it on Instagram and you’ve got to have a piece so you might pop into Home Goods thinking you’ll score a piece of the cult following clay.  But alas, no luck. Well, you’re not alone. I have lots of girlfriends asking me how to find Rae Dunn and it’s honestly not for the faint of heart. For real. I find the joy of hunting one of the best parts and I’ve gathered quite the collection with the help of local collectors and now friends. If you want to walk into a store once a month and pick something up, don’t even choose to collect Rae Dunn. It’s sadly not that simple. There’s a science, but there isn’t a science because it’s never guaranteed. Honestly, there is no figuring it out! So here are Salt & Sequins tips to finding your first piece.

Tips for New Dunnies:

1. First of all, you can find Rae Dunn at Home Goods, TJ Maxx and Marshalls in the US and Home Sense, Winners, & Marshalls in Canada. You can find some older pieces in thrift stores too. But these are the only stores that carry it.  They have the contract and are the ones getting in new shipments.
2. It does seem that Home Goods gets the most stuff, but all stores get something. It’s best to be consistent and learn the truck schedule and when they stock the department.
3. If you’re not finding stuff, it’s because you’re just missing it. Stores seem to be getting stuff in all the time. Sometime it is a little slower than others. Don’t get me wrong, there are dry spells and store occasionally don’t have anything for a few weeks. But all stores get a little something. I seriously thought one of my stores never got anything because I went six months without finding anything there…. but other people found stuff all the time.
4. Don’t call the store and constantly bug the employees…. because the employees aren’t always truthful and sometimes just don’t know, so just go look! If you find that going to look is annoying, then don’t collect. Because y’all…. it’s part of it. Bla, Bla, Bla, I remember the good ol’ days when the shelves were full. Well those days are over. So if you aren’t willing to hunt for it, buy mud pie. It’s super cute too. Sorry if I sound snarky, but if you hang around long enough in the groups….. you will hear this constantly. 
5. Lots of stores are stocked throughout the day. But some people have found great pieces at opening, which is 9:30am. Just go when you can. I have found my biggest finds in random times throughout the day. There is no figuring it out! And it seems when I think I’ve figured it out, it changes.
6. The pet stuff is everywhere…. for the most part. It’s one of the first pieces most of us found. That being said, don’t buy all of it thinking you’re going to get a trade for a unicorn.
7. Speaking of unicorns, it means it’s someone ultimate Rae Dunn piece that they can’t seem to find.
8. All new pieces in the store will have Rae Dunn’s logo on them, older pieces do have the Magenta logo. But a find in stores today will have Rae Dunn on the bottom. And Magenta, the company that produces Rae Dunn’s pieces in bulk makes mistakes…. often.  They will print Rae Dunn on the bottom of a non Rae Dunn piece, so be careful with that.
9. To be a great trader, don’t clear the shelves. It’s nice to take what you want, a few items for trade and that’s it. Grabbing every single piece and holding items hostage for trades makes you no better than up-seller. It’s best to make Dunnie friends who will pick up for you and you for them.
10. There is a Boutique line that sells in boutiques. Some items are the large letter, just like the HG/TJX/Marshalls, but most of it just looks great with Big letter items. The Boutique line is much more expensive!

Trade Lingo:

ISO = in search of
DISO = desperately in search of
UFT= up for trade
UFS = up for sale
NFT = not for trade
NFS = not for sale
DM= direct message

Rae Dunn Lingo:

Dunnie = That’s You!  Or collectors  🙂
Newbies = Maybe also you…. It’s okay to be new!  Thats what this post is for.
LL = large letter
SFK = spoon/fork/knife

Tips for Trades:

1. The Large Letter line is the most sought after and holiday stuff is the most rare: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
2. Don’t be that person posted a picture of product on the shelf saying, “what will this get me?” 
3. Its best when you put something up for trade to wait…. you might get loads of messages.  Don’t trade for the first thing.  Wait 12 hours before you respond to messages and made a deal. Seriously.  I have had girlfriends trade for the lamest thing, then two hours later, someone offers them their unicorns but they go through with what they’ve already agreed on because you already gave your word.
4. Be fair. Try to stick to retail. But there is also a value that are attached to pieces. For instance, ice cream bowls are worth more than cereal bowl, although they cost the same. VERY OFTEN…. a new Dunnie might find something great like a Pour or Butter dish and someone trades them a sugar canister. They are not equal trades! If you are new, reach out to an admin of the group or a local Dunnie and ask if they think the trade is fair.  Because sadly… people do take advantage of the unknowing. But sometimes, they don’t know you are unknowing.  They might think you have an extra and you really don’t want this great piece you have.
5. While you’re at, join a LOCAL Rae Dunn Facebook group.  The only way I would have the collection I have is because of others. I buy for retail and sell to them at retail.  I would never put anything up for trade before running it by them first.  My group of girls gets first choice of everything I find and they do the same.  And it seems like pretty quickly, people find out if you’re shady. 

If we all only bought what we LOVED AND WANTED or our friends LOVED AND WANTED, there would be plenty on the shelves.  But if you buy it all hoping you can trade for what you want, the girl behind you finds nothing and has nothing to trade with you.

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