Wow.  So it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  Okay, years!  I had a baby. I’ve moved like three times, because that’s what we do. I worked for an architectural firm in Austin for almost two years and learned a ton….. and now I’m back. I’m back in the Dallas area for the first time in seven years. And I’m back to the blog. Surprisingly, quite a few of my girlfriends always beg me to post again. Just kidding, it’s my mom.  Okay, and my friend Stacey. So this is for you Stacey.

Etta’s 1st Birthday Dinner

I got a little busy working at the firm. And sadly let this go. But I’m constantly being asked for design tips…. and so I’m gonna start sharing things. It’s gonna be a design blog, a lifestyle blog, a mom blog, since I’m a pro at being a mom and just sharing about me blog.

I’ve got some exciting things on the horizon and I can’t wait to share them. Plus I’m moving into a new house soon and I’ve gotta decorate it.

Our future house. Still in the works.

See you guys soon!

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