We’re currently living with my parents while we spent the last 7 months building a home in Heath (that we move into in five days!!!) Since we were going to be at my parents a while and we wanted our own room back, we decided to create a room for Etta while we were there that would turn into a grandkids playroom after we left. I’m not usually a fan of a theme because I definitely prefer a more eclectic look, but once I started on this Ice Cream playroom… there was just no stopping me.  What started this adorable room was the sprinkle wall.  I was gifted a Cricut from a dear friend and saw a room on Pinterest that had a sprinkle wall and I just couldn’t resist that cuteness.  So viola, a sprinkle wall was born.


I did an ombré effect on the sprinkles and made them heavy on top fading to just a few at the bottom. Here are two links to some adorable decals that would make any playroom instantly funner: Dots & Sprinkles


And then I grabbed some cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby and glitterized the phrase, “I Scream, You Scream” because it’s going to be a playroom…. so why not?

And the photos in front of it are just too cute.

To finish off the room, I hand painted a vintage style sign, “Papa’s Ice Cream Shoppe” because my dad, Papa, is whole heartedly obsessed with ice cream.

Etta loves to hang out in her room and it turned out way cute.

Rug is from Wayfair, Chair is Four Hands, Desk & Crib are vintage.