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10 Things I Missed About Texas

So as we drove closer to the great country of Texas, Tim and I started dreaming of all the things we had missed the last 13 months.  When you don’t think you’re going to live there again, you try not to think about all the things you’re missed, but now that we were returning, we […]

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I’m Going to Stop Trying

“I’ll try….” Have you heard that before?  It’s the ultimate excuse… it makes us all feel better.  Do you want to workout today?  ‘I’ll try.’  ‘I’ll try to make it tonight…..’ But we all know what that means, I’m giving myself an out.  I probably have no intentions of doing that.  I really don’t want […]

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Because I’m Able….

I just spent the last two weeks in Texas.  When I landed, people wanted to know why I was there.  What was the special visit for.  First question:  Was I pregnant? Nope, better. So here's the story on why I flew home to Texas. So I'm finally reading, The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson. If […]

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