It's the most wonderful time of the year.

10 Things to Actually Say to People

Another 10 Questions to Stop Asking…. Well, not really. We just need to stop asking questions, because we can’t seem to ask anyone the right ones. Lately I’ve noticed at least five or six blogs posted on different people’s Facebook feed that all struck me kind of funny. 10 THINGS TO NOT SAY TO (fill […]

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Growing Up in the Shadows of the Limelight

I don’t talk about it much, but one of the biggest areas I struggle with (other than my weight) is rejection.  People tell me they see me as confident and I am.  I am secure in myself in a lot of ways.   Most of the time, I’m outgoing, dare say, even entertaining. But almost […]

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Risk & Reward

I had this huge realization this weekend about risk. Woah, I’m actually taking way too much credit. I went to church and the guy preached about it. So…. I took the info, thought about it and now I’m writing about it. In most people’s eyes, Tim and I have taken a pretty huge risk. In […]

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