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Words Written in a Drawer

Four months ago, Tim and I came home from a meeting and scribbled a few things in a drawer. Prayers. Hope. When we moved to California, we knew it would test our faith. Being away from family for the first time, we knew it would be difficult. On that June night we were struggling. We […]

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To 95 More Years….

So, today is the day. Five years ago I married someone I thought was my best friend, someone who I thought was handsome. But now looking back, that wasn’t true at all. I barely loved Tim compared to how I much I love him now. Every single day, I find him more handsome than the […]

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California or bust.

You may have noticed that Tim and I threw a bunch of our crap in a truck and drove half way across the country.  Most of you don’t know why or what the heck just happened, but Tim and I moved to California.  Yup.  California. Well the story starts about a year ago.  About a […]

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