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Ice Cream Playroom – A Delicious Room!

We’re currently living with my parents while we spent the last 7 months building a home in Heath (that we move into in five days!!!) Since we were going to be at my parents a while and we wanted our own room back, we decided to create a room for Etta while we were there […]

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Exterior Before and Afters

Wow, a Year Really? I just realized I started this blog almost a year ago…..  My first post was August 30, 2011.  It was this.  “Diving into your first remodel.”  That’s so cute.  If only I had known, I would go on to do the entire house! About Salt and Sequins….  I started this a […]

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Kitchen: before and after

Our biggest undertaking was the kitchen.  I thought our master bathroom was, but that was a total joke and was an 1/8 the size of the kitchen. Plus, we were without a kitchen and laundry for a while, which was terrible.  We at least had two bathrooms, only one kitchen. Here are some before shots, […]

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