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Be Our Guest!

I’ve always been the type, probably because of my fabulous mother, that loves a good sleep over.  Well, not a sleepover, but guest.  Sadly, most of my guest of recent are boys (Tim’s friends) who don’t or can’t even appreciate my guest bedroom, but I still want it to look nice. So from the very […]

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Barn Door Roller

So for about a year now I’ve been apologizing about my house and all it’s unfinished projects.  If you hadn’t read one of the last post, you should, because it kind of explains where the heck I’ve been.  Obviously not blogging.  But I’m gonna go through each room of the house that we’ve redone. We […]

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We Bought Our First House

And I’m Pretty Sure Home Ownership Doesn’t Live Up to the Hype. I know my real estate agent won’t want to hear this, but seriously, as an Interior Designer owning a home is hard.  Before, when I lived in apartments I could totally blame all lack of creativity and design on the fact that it […]

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