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Burlap Lamp Shades Tutorial

I had this awesome idea once to buy these huge lamp shades at a thrift store.  They were wrapped in plastic still so I thought the $5 price tag was a steal. Well, it wasn’t.  Once the plastic was removed I could see that they had stains all over them.  Yay.  Add something to my […]

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Burlap Garland

I needed a little umph for my fall decor and I really liked the way the burlap wreath turned out.  I had bought an entire yard of the burlap for the wreath, so I still had about 3/4 of a yard left. To not waste a whole three dollars, I spent the greater part of […]

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Easy Chalkboard Tutorial

Yea, so I didn’t want to build something special to make a chalkboard and I had this window lying around, pretty much like the last window.  Literally.  It was driving me insane.  So…. I have been wanting a chalkboard for the kitchen and I wanted to get this window off the floor, so light bulb, […]

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