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Design & Interiors

Jewelry Hanger Tutorial

Trying to organize the mess we call accessories… So much like my other crafty stuff, I had this window lying around as well.  There is a curse to being crafty.  You buy stuff with “plans” of using it somehow, but sometimes it takes YEARS to figure out what the heck your gonna do with it. […]

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Fall Wreath Tutorial

Welcome Fall to come on in! In celebration of the first days of Fall, I wanted to make a fall wreath that would go with my teal door. I’ve never had a fall wreath before so I wanted to make my own, but not spend an arm and a leg.  I fell in love with […]

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Diving Into your First Remodel

Sometimes Diving Into Things Head First is Dumb. So here it is…  MY MASTER BATH.  Sounds big right.  Well, it’s not.  It’s small.  Our house was built in 1941, in 1959 the original homeowners added a large living room, a tiny bedroom and a tiny bathroom.  The glorious addition.  The bathroom had aluminum tiles which […]

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