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How To Find Rae Dunn Pottery

Rae Dunn… So maybe you’ve seen it on Instagram and you’ve got to have a piece so you might pop into Home Goods thinking you’ll score a piece of the cult following clay.  But alas, no luck. Well, you’re not alone. I have lots of girlfriends asking me how to find Rae Dunn and it’s […]

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I’m Back

Wow.  So it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  Okay, years!  I had a baby. I’ve moved like three times, because that’s what we do. I worked for an architectural firm in Austin for almost two years and learned a ton….. and now I’m back. I’m back in the Dallas area for the first time […]

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10 Things I Missed About Texas

So as we drove closer to the great country of Texas, Tim and I started dreaming of all the things we had missed the last 13 months.  When you don’t think you’re going to live there again, you try not to think about all the things you’re missed, but now that we were returning, we […]

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