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To 95 More Years….

So, today is the day. Five years ago I married someone I thought was my best friend, someone who I thought was handsome. But now looking back, that wasn’t true at all. I barely loved Tim compared to how I much I love him now. Every single day, I find him more handsome than the […]

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California or bust.

You may have noticed that Tim and I threw a bunch of our crap in a truck and drove half way across the country.  Most of you don’t know why or what the heck just happened, but Tim and I moved to California.  Yup.  California. Well the story starts about a year ago.  About a […]

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I Heart Austin

Tim was so great and surprised me on Tuesday with a trip to Austin on Wednesday for Valentine’s Day. I love a short notice… It was the next day! I was so excited, no waiting for weeks! So we packed up on Wednesday and headed South for a love bird weekend. We stayed at the […]

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