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Texan Christmas

Texan Christmas

How to Make a Fabulous Christmas Tree Topper

It’s here!  This is it, what you’ve all been waiting for.  I have finally put together a how-to video for my famous Christmas tree toppers!  Check out a little preview below and sign-up to get access to the all new video.      Read more…

More Christmas Tree Toppers!

It’s Christmas time, my favorite time of the year and I’ve already decorated three Christmas trees, and I don’t even have one of my own this year.  It is bittersweet to not have a home to decorate. Here are the tree toppers I’ve done this year. This first one is of my dad’s church:   […] Read more…

Almond Roca

  This is another one of my favorite things that my mom makes every single year.  It is the best toffee in the entire world.  She has been making this recipes since 1986, so 25 years.  It is so worth it. You might want to have an extra person in the kitchen to make this, […] Read more…

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